SOFA Development


Welcome to the SOFA developement section of SMART Lab. This page provides various resources for learning SOFA from very beginning such as step by step tutorials, SOFA .scn files , 3d models and some codes. All the materials available on this page is property of SMART Lab and can further be used for learning, teaching and any non-commercial activities.


A bunch of tutorials specifically written for those who have just double clicked SOFA modeler. These step by step tutorials will teach you the basics of SOFA in less than an hour.


SOFA comes with few coding examples and even we had few problems in understanding their code and then writing our own. Any how here are few basic and some advance coding examples we have implemented.

Note: You may make changes to the code to see different behavior if required. we coded these examples according to our needs and the 3d models required for these codes can be downloaded from our 3d models section.

3d Models

We are providing some of the 3d models we have made in 3dsmax. All these models are Copy Right protected with SMART Lab and can only be used for educational purposes and non-commercial use.

SCN files

These SOFA scene files (.scn) have been developed using SOFA modeler for learning, developement and experimental purposes. Some of these scene files may require additional 3d meshes that we have modeled for our own exercises. Make sure to download them from our 3d models section to make these .scn files work properly.

SMART SCN to C++ Converter for SOFA

It is a tool to convert any SCN file made from SOFA Modeler to C++ file which can be perfectly compiled and run inSOFA C++ Project.