About SMART Sim

SMART Sim is a Laparoscopic Surgery Trainer for surgeons to learn Minimal Invasive Surgery. It includes computer based virtual reality trainingsAl-Zahrawi Surgical Simulator based on the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Curriculum. Through which  surgeons can practice these skills prior to performing a real life procedure.


Market Need

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or Laparoscopy  is  a surgical procedure in which a laparoscope (a thin light weight tube) and other surgical instruments are inserted inside the human body through  small  incisions rather  than  a  relatively  larger  incision commonly  used in the  traditional  open  surgeries.  The  internal operating  field  may  then  be  visualized  on  a  video  monitor connected  to  the  endoscope. The conventional  MIS is being adopted worldwide at a rapid pace of 28%, with the prime advantages of reduced trauma, faster recovery & lesser blood loss. Simulators are necessary to acquire special skills like expert hand  eye  coordination,  precise  movement  of instruments  within  a  confined  space  and  the ability  to  successfully  perform  surgery  without  damaging  any other body organs.

Picture10 These special psychomotor skills are difficult to acquire without hands on practice. However, practicing this emerging surgical technique directly on human patients is unethical and can have dire consequences.

This arises, the need for a trainer, where surgeons can practice these skills prior to performing a real life procedure. Unfortunately existing trainers in market are very costly and mostly unaffordable by most training institute in Pakistan. We have developed a low cost trainer (the cost of our solution is about 10% of the commercially available solutions) while leveraging upon the relatively cheap HR cost here than compared to the one in the western world.


Why Choose SMART Sim

  • VR Trainer for conventional laparoscopy
  • With 5 DoF mechanical interface
  • Independent learning trainer
  • With 10 Basic & 10 Advanced Exercises
  • Improves hand eye coordination, depth perception, suturing skills and a lot more
  • With performance evaluation metrics



SMART Sim™ is an outcome of R&D Project titled “Development of Tele-Surgical Training Robot and Simulator” funded by National ICT R&D fund and being executed at SMART Lab of NUST  School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) in collaboration with Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.




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