Tele Surgical Robots

In recent years surgical methods have shifted from open surgery to keyhole surgery also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

What is MIS?

MIS or laparoscopic surgery helps in quick patient recovery as no tissue damage occurs that usually happens in open surgery, which is the major cause for post operative complications and long hospital stays. However one of the disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery is lack of dexterity for the surgeon and lack of haptic feedback. In open surgery a surgeon can feel the human tissue and look for tumors or other anomalies, but using laparoscopic equipment this is not possible.

Robotic Surgery

Recently Robotic Surgery has started to replace Minimally Invasive Surgery, as it allows more dexterous movements for the surgeon. Moreover using robotic surgery, several other factors are minimized or removed, e.g surgeon fatigue, tissue damage and assistive camera control. A surgeon’s shaky hand movements can be filtered to provide smooth movement of laparoscopic equipment working inside the human body.

Current Project at SMART Lab

SMART lab is working on a project titled “Development of a Tele-Surgical Training Robot and Simulator” in collaboration with Holy Family Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan and National ICT R&D Fund. We are developing a training system, that will include a Simulator for Laparoscopic training in a virtual environment, a Training Robot with multiple robotic arms simulating surgical procedures on a mannequin and Haptic User Interface Controls for interfacing with the Simulator and the Robotic Arms