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About Us

SMART (Smart Machines And Robotics Technology) Lab is part of School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Pakistan. We define SMART as Creative,Innovative and Useful. Our focus is multi-disciplinary research in the areas of intelligent robotics, simulator design, merging education with virtual reality and cost effective solutions for Tele-Health. Our team includes people from varying backgrounds and expertise which gives us the flexibility to explore different research areas.

Our Research Areas

Volume Visualization

The concept of X-ray imaging was introduced by an Italian radiologist Alessandro Vallebona in the early twentieth century. This was one of the first methods proposed to look inside opaque objects.

Intelligent Robot Design

We are very much excited by robots and their applications to different scenarios. As part of our research we are developing a software and hardware platform which will serve as a test bed for our research. The software platform will allow us to test newly developed algorithms, while their practical…

Computer Vision

One of the areas that we are focusing our research on is computer vision. We are exploring areas like Face recognition, object detection and classification. We are also interested in understanding visual surveillance systems. One of our projets is to develop an experimental platform which includes

Simulator Design

One of the research areas we are focusing is on Simulator Design and Development. As part of our Tele-Surgical Training Robot andSimulator, we are developing an open source and cost effective laparoscopic simulator. Our interest is not limited to medical

Recent Work